Wood Pellet FAQ's

Are my Pellets ENPlus A1 Accredited and BSL Authorised? 

All pellets that we sell are authorised by the Biomass Supplier’s list – this means that our pellets meet the sustainability criteria to be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. 

Our pellets are held to an EN Plus A1 standard, which means they can be used in domestic boilers and stoves. They are quality checked throughout the production and distribution process to ensure that you are getting a pellet that will perform well in your appliance and produce the least amount of ash possible.  

(Our unbranded pellets are the only pellet product that do not hold this certification, but we promise they still meet White Horse Energy’s standards in production.) 

What’s the Calorific Value of my Pellets?  

Generally, 1kg of pellets produces at least 4.5 kilowatt-hours of energy, giving them a calorific value of 4.5 kWh/kg and above. Across the board, most pellets have a similar calorific value, so it doesn’t make much of a difference to their performance. The main thing you need to know is the drier the pellet, the better - all our pellets have a moisture content of 10% or less. 

Do They Have a Low Ash Content?  

All our pellets are dust extracted to ensure optimum performance and the minimal ash content ensures domestic appliances require less maintenance and clearing out, making them a convenient and clean option.  The EN Plus A1 standard ensures our pellets have an ash content of 1% or less.  

What Type of Wood are Pellets Made From?  

All pellets are made from pine and spruce softwoods – they are just as good hardwood pellets on the market, offering the clean burn and high calorific output that is necessary for heating homes and cooking pizzas! The pellets are made from sawdust that is a by-product of virgin softwoods used in the timber industry. This ensures all wood waste is used up instead of thrown away.  

Are They Additive Free? 

Yes – all our pellets are free of chemical additives and do not contain binding agents – they keep their shape by being compressed, which binds the wood fibres together and forms a high-density wood pellet. This means they are safe to use in pizza ovens.  

Can it be Used for Horse Bedding?  

We sell custom made wood pellets for horse bedding on our Platinum Plus animal pellets website. Our horse bedding pellets are made from the highest-grade materials, designed with your horse’s health and comfort in mind. You can purchase pellets for horse bedding here: www.platinumpluswoodpellets.co.uk  

How Do I Store White Horse Energy Pellets?  

We recommend that you store pellets in a sheltered area or under a protective cover, away from rain and damp ground. Wood pellets are compact and stackable, meaning they will be suitable for smaller fuel storage spaces. 

How are my Pellets Delivered? 

The pallets are delivered on a curtain sided lorry to your property, and then unloaded using a pump truck. This requires a level, flat, hard surface so that the pump truck can move freely but also safely. LEARN MORE BY CLCIKING HERE

Will the Driver Unload the Pallet on my Property? 

Pallets are unloaded where public property meets private property, unless you request a specific unloading area on your order. However, it is the sole discretion of the driver to decide whether it is suitable or safe to do so. 

If you require a smaller vehicle to access your property, then you must choose pallet orders that weigh 960kg or less. We offer 50x, 30x and 15x bags per pallet which can be delivered on smaller vehicles for restricted access. LEARN MORE BY CLCIKING HERE

What Happens if my Packages are Damaged? 

If there’s a significant number of pellets spilled, or the pellets have been exposed to moisture during delivery, we can compensate on a case-by-case basis by reimbursing you for every bag’s worth of pellets lost.  

Email our customer services team at sales@whitehorseenergy.co.uk with photos of the damage as soon as possible, and you will receive credit through your WHE account. (We only reimburse for pellet loss or damage – if the bag itself is damaged but the pellets are intact and still in the bag, they are suitable for use.)  

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