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What is Biomass Heat Works? 

Biomass Heat Works is a campaign created by the UK Pellet Council, the Wood Heat Association and the Renewable Heat Association, with the aim to support carbon neutrality and raise awareness of the benefits of biomass fuel as a widely used heat source. If successful, this will help the UK government to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. 

What do they do? 

They are working hard to urge the UK Government to step up, proposing that the government increase their proposed grant for the Clean Heat Grant Scheme, in order to fund the installation of biomass boilers more than 15kW. 

They want to achieve a heat decarbonisation policy that caters to rural communities – especially areas without modern builds, updated heating systems or access to the electricity grid. The gradual installation of biomass boilers will reduce carbon emissions and this could account for nearly 15% of desired renewable heat sources in the UK. 

They are also involved in increasing the sustainability of forestry management, helping local businesses convert to more renewable energy solutions, and the quality control of wood pellets manufactured in the UK. 

What is White Horse Energy’s role?

We ensure that our pellets are screened to an EN Plus A1 standard for suitable use in biomass boilers. The UK Pellet Council is the trading body that oversees the licensing for EN Plus quality standards in the UK for the wood pellet sector. White Horse Energy has been a member on the board of directors for the UK Pellet Council since its formation in 2014.  

They represent the UK in the European Pellet Council, who aspire to see that wood pellets “will become a leading source of renewable energy in Europe”. -

We also ensure that our pellets are BSL accredited – meaning they’re eligible for the Biomass Supplier’s List, and that biomass boiler owners can be part of the RHI scheme to further reduce their carbon footprint. 

What is the RHI scheme?

The domestic renewable heat incentive encourages the use of renewable heating by offering monetary reinforcement. You can claim money back at the end of the year in return for using fuels that meet sustainability and legality requirements in boilers. It’s because of this scheme that biomass energy has successfully become the biggest contributor to heat decarbonisation in recent years. 

What Makes Wood Pellets Carbon Neutral? 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during their entire lifespan. When trees go through the manufacturing process and get burned, they will release the same amount of CO2 back into the atmosphere, therefore never actually increasing carbon emissions. Planting new trees to replace the old ones begins the cycle of absorbing Co2 again.  

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