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Why We Love Wood Pellets?

Carbon Neutral
Wood pellets are the ultimate sustainable carbon neutral fuel. A tree will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its life. The same tree is the processed turned into wood pellets & burned. The same amount of CO2 is then released back into the atmosphere. The cycle then begins again when a replacement tree is planted & begins absorbing CO2.

ENplus A1
All wood pellets sold by us at White Horse Energy are produced to an ENPlus A1 standard. This enables consumer assurances that the wood pellets that are being burnt are to a standard that complies with boiler manufactures standards. 

BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) is a standard that ensures that customers are using wood pellets that met with minimum sustainability standards & also comply with government lead incentives ran by Ofgem.  

Supply Readily Available
Wood will never be out of supply should responsible culling take place. Our wood pellets are sourced from sustainable FSC® controlled forests, this gives our customers the assurance that our pellets are coming from the right place. 

Cheaper than Alternatives
Wood pellets aren’t only more than sustainable, they’re cheaper than other fuel alternatives such as Oil or LPG with average report seeing customer save over £1000 per annum

Minimising Dependencies on Fossils Fuels
Reducing dependency on fossil fuels is a major challenge one that Biomass is helping limit. This is being achieved by using a fuel type like wood pellets that is both sustainable & abundant. Its one fuel type that doesn’t have a harmful impact on the environment.