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Why Kiln Dried?
Better Value

Dry wood produces more heat than wet wood. This is because the energy that would otherwise be released into your living room is instead being used to evaporate the water contained in the log. This means that if you reduce the water content of your log by half, you nearly double the amount of heat produced by the log. Our kiln dried wood is such good value that we believe that in most cases you should pay much the same for one of our logs as you would for a ‘seasoned’ log.

Up to 22% better value than 'seasoned logs'

When comparing 1m3 of seasoned hardwood logs at 40%MC (~1.5MWh) at £90/m3 vs 1m3 of kiln dried birch logs at 22%MC (~1.8MWh) at £84/m3.

Better for your Flue and Stove

Burning wood in your fireplace results in deposits of tar and creosote forming in your chimney (hence why one needs to regularly have their chimney swept). Burning kiln dried logs results in less water vapour being emitted up the chimney (it’s the water vapour that contains the tar and creosote) as well as a much higher temperature in the flue and stove. It’s only at less than 50 degrees (typically) that these deposits form. So burning kiln dried wood should ensure that the glass on your stove stays clear, and that your flue is less at a risk of building up a dangerous level of deposits (although you still need to ensure your chimney is swept regularly!
Full Ash Crate

More Enjoyable

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as furiously fanning a spluttering fire only to be rewarded with a dismally smoking fire that produces next to no heat. Kiln dried wood catches fire quickly, and rewards you with bright pleasant warming flames almost from the start. If you combine this with our beautifully packed crates and our really rather fast delivery (second working day as standard) placing an order for kiln dried logs with us should be a revelation!

Seasoned Logs?

If you have only ever had a log delivery like this one - you're in for a big treat. Assuming you paid around £50 for this delivery (about the going rate for a builders bag of seasoned wood), then you are more or less paying the same per log from your existing supplier as you would from us. The difference though is marked. Each one of our logs will put out nearly 20% more heat (despite costing the same), they will light quickly, and burn well. Delivery should also be a revelation, with our neat crate delivered to where you want it (subject to access - check our delivery page!)

More Questions?

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