Sustainability Policy

White Horse Energy, as a leading UK biomass supplier, recognise our responsibility to support the drive towards global environmental sustainability and take seriously any direct or indirect impact our operations may have on the environment. We are committed to being industry leaders and inspiring others in having a positive impact on the world we live in. 

Our industry has a significant place in moving the domestic energy sector away from fossil fuel dependency. Whilst not in itself a panacea to achieve Net Zero, we are committed to play a key role in reaching the overarching goal.  

We understand that for our customers, confidence in the quality of our products and sustainability in our sourcing is a key consideration. Steps we have already taken include; 

  • Reducing waste generation particularly that sent to landfills 
  • Incorporating reusable and recyclable packaging – widespread across our product portfolio 
  • Working with key partners within our supply chain to be drivers and steerers of change 
  • Having a rigorous due diligence process to ensure our suppliers are compliant both in legality and sustainability terms – FSC and NEPCon risk assessments being a key component in our processes 
  • Acting as founding members of the Ready to Burn steering council that now oversees fuel assurance under The Air Quality Regulations 2020 (England) and thereby reducing emissions impact of wood fuels 
  • Continuing our leading role within the UK Pellet Council, the body that oversees the domestic pellet industry and compliance in the UK 

The biomass market is ever-changing, in responding to changes faced both locally and further afield our commitment to sustainability and responsible supply is forefront to our response within a dynamic sector. Investments and longer-term projects we participate in as a business are driven towards sustainability. Some of these exciting opportunities are outlined in our dedicated Innovation page and are a testament to our drive for change.

We are acutely aware that this is part of a longer journey. But our aim is to work towards meaningful carbon target setting with an initial focus on Scope 1 and 2 emissions, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and subsequently extended to consider indirect Scope 3 emissions. We are taking steps towards this in working with key supply chain partners to identify Scope 3 emissions hot spots and supporting initiatives including lower-carbon transport alternatives.  

As a company we look forward to sharing our journey as we proceed.  

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