Customer Service Improvements At White Horse Energy

Customer Service Improvements At White Horse Energy

White Horse Energy pledges to supply high quality biomass products of the best value. Our taskforce is unified by the desire to achieve this, while continuously adapting our public facing systems along with shifting consumer needs and communication channels. We want customers to have a positive, personalised experience and we are making significant changes to improve our outreach.  

During the UK lockdowns, we continued establishing relationships while our team worked from home and saw us through the winter of 2020. This time, we’re not just hiring staff to see us through the winter. Where we previously hired temporary staff, we’re now seeking a larger and fully integrated team in the long term, building on their knowledge to provide the best customer experience possible. We’ve invested in our team by bringing in new software and new equipment to improve accessibility and efficiency of operations. The customer service team is bigger than ever, with updated training to use the new Freshdesk software introduced in August, which has allowed us to handle the high volume of calls and collate all our data about a customer in one location. This puts us in a position to handle queries straight away without recalling information manually, cutting down the admin threefold.  

We’ve hired a new bespoke customer services manager, David Walling, who has provided ongoing support to enhance the team's workload management and business operations. Having extensive customer service experience, his role has been purely oriented in improving customer relationship management and overseeing our team of advisors, which is something that White Horse Energy had not invested in until now. He has worked closely alongside our project manager to assimilate Freshdesk systems and appropriately delegate queries, while tackling logistics communication problems. Previously, the customer aftercare was partially inefficient, simply because of crossed wires with our delivery partner, resulting in lots of back-and-forth phone calls between our team and the depots. With the introduction of tracked orders, communication became more focused and urgent consignments were prioritised. With a larger team on their end as well as ours, waiting times for customers have been cut down. 

Soon, we will be introducing canned responses to FAQs so we can respond quickly without repetition and will also develop knowledge bases for answering customers’ pertinent questions. We often receive questions about the Ready to Burn scheme and our involvement with other organisations in the biomass industry - especially on Facebook. Previously, there was a disconnect between social media and customer services. What should have been a quick response to a query via Facebook was a drawn-out process where information was verbally relayed between departments. This time-consuming, inefficient way of communicating will be mitigated through the ticketing system on Freshdesk, which allows the customer service team to be available across all platforms and locate all interactions with a customer immediately. This should simplify the customer’s experience and foster familiarity as we refer to previous conversations, leading to a quicker resolution and improving customer lifetime value.

Our ambition at White Horse Energy is to go above and beyond, and this is just the beginning of our evolution. We have other improvements in the pipeline that we are looking forward to unveiling in the following months. ensuring that we build upon authentic relationships we have established with our new and returning customers. Going forward, we don’t want to just be the best in our sector, we want to be the best customer service provider in class. 

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