Firewood Price Drop on & New Crate Dimensions.

Firewood Price Drop on & New Crate Dimensions.

As of 2nd of May, we’ve applied price changes on all our firewood crates.  

Why have we done this? 

Firewood must be sold in loose volumes less than 2m3 in order to be marked with the ‘Ready to Burn’ label. Our crates are now 7.5% smaller to keep in line with standards set out by the Ready to Burn scheme, which is run by Woodsure. As a result, we've reduced the prices of our crates, with price drops as large as 15% on selected crates. We are delighted that our prices have dropped more than our crate sizes have. This means we can uphold our promise of delivering affordable firewood while also meeting quality standards. 

Previously, our full crates were 1.26m x 1.14m x 1.08m, which exceeded the loose volume limit for the scheme. Now, we’ve reduced the height of the crate by 6cm which brings the volume to 2m3, so we can continue selling full crates with the ‘Ready to Burn’ logo. The new dimensions of a full crate are: 1.20m x 1.14m x 1.08m. 

Woodsure’s scheme was introduced to ensure that firewood has a moisture content of 20% or less. Woodsure’s aim is to improve the quality and burn characteristics of wood fuels, and to reduce emissions in the UK. Click here for more information on this scheme and why these regulations matter. Visit Woodsure’s website for a detailed description of their long-term goal: 

Nothing has changed about the quality of our firewood – our kiln dried logs still provide the excellent heat output needed for your woodburner stove or firepit. We guarantee that we’ll continue to provide the best value firewood in the UK. 

Click on our firewood webpage to view and order our newly adjusted, affordable crates of kiln dried firewood: 

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