5 Ways to Upcycle Your Pallet!

5 Ways to Upcycle Your Pallet!

Not sure what to do with all your delivery pallets or how to spend your bank holiday? It’s time to think outside the box – or rather, the pallet! Create some useful decorative pieces for your home using your leftover wood. Here are five ways to re-use your pallets instead of burning them. 


  1. Bath trays 

A simple one to start off with, this only requires one pallet, cut down to size. It should fit nicely across the edges of your bath to place your glass of wine and candles on while you luxuriate in a mountain of bubbles. Use stain-sealant combo to give your tray a nice finish and practical usage when water is splashed around the bathroom.  

  1. Chairs and benches 

Make some rustic indoor dining chairs or some garden benches for your patio. Cut down the pallets to size, affix the necessary armrests if you want to and pick out a comfortable seat cushion to finish it off. This serves as a money-saving solution, but with style! (Don’t forget to sand them down, or else you might get some splinters in the wrong places!)  

  1. Tables 

You can stack pallets to make a matching coffee table. For the woodworkers out there, you could pull it all apart and build a dining table from scratch. Use a pallet or two as a table surface, then cut the legs and frame, screw/glue it all together and sand it all down. Don't forget to add a lick of paint or varnish to make it match the rest of your furniture. 

  1. Bed frames 

Instead of having to order a brand-new bed frame and getting it through the door, you can drill your pallets, add dowels into the holes then take them into the bedroom and assemble them in there. Once attached, they can be screwed in place, and you can put your mattress on top. Boom! Less hassle, and less money.  

  1. Bookshelves 

Repurpose a few wood pallets to make a handy bookshelf for one of the bare walls in your home. When pulling apart pallets, make sure you pull out the nails safely and use mounting brackets to attach the shelves to the wall. Put those encyclopaedias that you never read on display to impress the neighbours! 


Some DIY tips: 

  • To start a project, you’ll need any of the following: some paint, stain, sealant, a saw, nails, a nail gun, screws and a hot glue gun.  

  • Make sure you work in a ventilated area and wear a protective mask before you start cutting and drilling wood.  

  • Look for a spacious, level and dry area to work on and wear practical clothing and protective boots.  

You can refer to this video from YouTube for more inspiration: 


Important note: 

Check your pallets for IPPC markings. If they are marked with KD (Kiln-dried) or HT (Heat treated) then they are safe to use. If they are marked with MB, then they are treated with chemical Methyl Bromide. Avoid using these pallets or others treated with chemicals as they are not safe to use or have inside the home. White horse energy pallets are made from untreated wood and safe to use.

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