5 reasons why you should be buying a standard crate this summer!

5 reasons why you should be buying a standard crate this summer!

We think our standard firewood crates are an awesome buy at this time of year, here are 5 reasons why you should be buying a standard crate this summer!   

Stock up this summer. 

May – that month of the year when the weather is never sure of what it’s doing. Ahh, classic British weather. Is that sunshine, or is it my blinding optimism? That is why you need to make sure your house is stacked with wood fuel throughout the seasons, to face the unpredictable, chilly air. A standard crate of firewood is essential to see you through those slightly cooler days during the spring and summer months. Make the most of our reduced prices up until the end of the summer season, starting as low as £135.  

Last-minute orders. 

Whoops! Low on supplies? Don’t worry, you can pay for premium delivery to receive your shipment during the next working day, if you order before 5pm. Standard crates are half the weight and half the size - an efficient solution when you need an emergency top up for your wood burner stove. 

If you are a first-time customer: 

We think a standard crate would be an excellent solution, and the most accessible choice for you. Not sure which firewood to choose? Mix and match! With smaller crates, there is more flexibility to combine your firewood types. For example, you could combine oak and ash to get both a long burn duration and a bright, steady flame. It’s the perfect way to sample each product and understand their unique selling points.  


When there is restricted access to your property, we recommend choosing standard crates to create more space, which can be delivered on 12 tonne vehicles. Smaller vehicles are needed to get down narrow country lanes, so it’s important to add this delivery note when you order online or over the phone.  

A better alternative. 

This is a viable option for customers who used to buy small crates of wet firewood before the new ban. Instead of buying larger wet wood crates and drying it yourself, save the hassle by ordering White Horse Energy’s kiln dried logs. This will allow you to order in amounts under 2m3 and you can rest easy knowing that these packages are certified and labelled correctly with the Ready to Burn logo.  


Our standard crates of kiln dried ash and hornbeam are in stock now, so order them before supply runs out.  

KDASH for £135.00: www.whitehorseenergy.co.uk/firewood/kiln-dried-ash-firewood 

KDHORNBEAM £140.00: www.whitehorseenergy.co.uk/firewood/kiln-dried-hornbeam-firewood 

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