Review 20/21 of Firewood Market & Improvements to Next Season

Review 20/21 of Firewood Market & Improvements to Next Season

2020 was a heck of a year. Here at White Horse Energy, we are proud of the efforts the entire team made to keep things on track. Could we have done better? Absolutely! Nevertheless, the efforts in the background to keep our existing customers warm and to welcome a multitude of new customers were immense. Thank you to everyone who supported us through this period – we are working as hard as ever to reward your loyalty going forwards! 


What Obstacles Did We Face in 2020? 

COVID didn’t just make managing our own operations trickier. With the whole world stuck at home, demand for firewood rocketed – not only because they were at home more, but because people turned to the age-old comfort of a log fire to see them through some of the darker times.  

COVID impacted supply too – we had firewood producers completely shut down for periods of time and reliable transport links completely disintegrated. Additional isolation requirements for shippers, truckers and pretty much everyone involved in moving goods meant that efforts were made to attempt to move the same number of products with far less man-hours. All of this, with the impact of BREXIT still being felt across supply chains - driver shortages (still ongoing), additional processes, etc. - combined to make a perfect logistical storm. 

Our own warehouses and delivery partners were affected too. In short, we had the same amount of work (or more in our case) that needed to be done, by less people and in more onerous conditions. It was tough. All of this had a knock-on effect on costs – the product and transport shortage meant that the only people getting product or transport were those willing to pay top dollar. Never before have we seen so many suppliers invoke ‘Force Majeure’ clauses in their contracts and renegotiate (quite right too – if COVID doesn’t count as a ‘Force Majeure’, surely nothing does!) 

While our prices shot up during the peak winter period, we did our best to keep our customers informed, and while nobody likes ramping up prices, we did at least take some solace that we were still the cheapest in the market on a like for like basis for the majority of products (It seems our competitors weren’t immune to the carnage either). 


What Actions Have We Taken in Response? 

During the pandemic, our staff predominantly worked from home. We took on new staff to meet the growth of our business too: We have welcomed new supply chain team members, a marketing team, a larger customer service team and a number of apprentices from the local college. We are in the process of implementing and upgrading our customer services infrastructure to make our team even more efficient than they currently are. 

Our supply chain team has doubled in size. We have made tremendous improvements in order to ensure that the quality of our product always meets our expectations. At the same time, we have moved to a larger warehouse in order to store more stock so that we can minimise disruption to our fastest moving lines. 


Our Goals and Commitments This Year. 

We have been planning for the colder months from the very start of the year. We have a far more resilient supply chain, more warehouse space, and hopefully a big enough pipeline of inbound stock to satisfy whatever demand we see this winter.  

We are expecting frenzied action in the firewood market this year. Raw material prices are already at the same level they were at the peak of last winter, and supply looks tight across the market. We think that people will buy firewood earlier in the year, and in larger quantities than they have before.  

The government have recently enforced a wet firewood ban in England and all wood fuel suppliers must sell firewood that is “Ready to Burn”. White Horse Energy has been a part of this scheme since 2017. All of our firewood is inspected to ensure it exceeds these standards and will burn as efficiently and cleanly as possible. For more information about the scheme visit 

To those of you who stuck by us when things got rough, we can’t thank you enough. We are delighted you chose us, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that we will delight you on your next purchase of the UK’s highest quality and best value firewood! 

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