New Website

White Horse Energy is proud to unveil our brand-new website. 

We believe our site gives all users both speed and effortlessness to purchase as well as clean clear information ensuring you’re able to make an informed purchase for that winter fuel. 

During your first transaction on the new site let us know if there’s anything you think further enhances your experience with us. 

Product information 

Don’t just read our product descriptions now you can see our products in action with our new thumbnail animation you can seamlessly scroll between all of our products and see them not just in the pack original packaging but actually in use. 

Express Checkout 

Our checkout process is 50% quicker than our previous site. Whether completing your payment pay by card or PayPal checking out is never been easier. Our new PayPal feature means that you can purchase with one-click purchase. 

My Account

On my account features had a major overhaul. Want to know when you last bought from us and how much it was for? Or the BSL reference for the wood pellets you purchased last year? All your invoices will be safely stored in your account. Also in one location easily check customer referrals, credits, and much more.

Single items & Parcels

Ever been tempted to buy a product of ours but wish you could try it first? You can now purchase almost any product in a new parcel quantity. All our product pages have single item products. Simply add the product and the desired quantity & the product will arrive with you in 2 to 3 days via parcel delivery. We hope this feature will give you the flexibility to fully customise your order As well as trial products that you maybe haven’t tried before. 

Recommended Products 

Our recommended products have been carefully crafted to ensure each product has an additional product that will amplify & enrich the product you’re about to purchase. 

Love the fierce hot burn of Birch logs, but wish the burn a little bit longer? Why not add a custom quantity of a long burning heat log briquettes. 

Prefer our longest burning Oak, but can find lighting it can be a faff? Add our recommended quantity of firelighters and kiln-dried kindling. 

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