Six Ways to Burn your Firewood Outside

Six Ways to Burn your Firewood Outside

Did you know that there is more than one way to get the most out of your firewood? And that doesn’t stop once the weather gets hotter. Here are six different ways to use your logs outside.  

1. Campfires 

For those long weekends away with your tent and sleeping bag in tow, you could take your firewood too. Have a proper expedition to the foot of Ben Nevis or camp on the soft sands of Dorset’s coastline. One of our 20 litre boxes of EcoBlaze kiln dried firewood will fit easily into the boot of your car to be taken anywhere. Imagine those flames flickering against a twinkling night sky. Don’t forget to pack some Natural Firelighters too, otherwise you might end up attempting to light your fire ‘Lord of the Flies' style!

2. BBQs 

Yes, you heard that right. You can use firewood. Coal is the go-to fuel for char-grilled goodness, but logs can be just as useful here to create that smoky scent and flavour in the cooked meat of your choice. Make sure you choose a hardwood. Birch logs from our Epic Firewood Bundle are an affordable hardwood that are easy to handle and light. When combined with firelighters they will provide a clean and safe alternative for grilling. Remember to place your BBQ on a non-flammable surface – and don’t forget the burger baps!

3. Woodfired hot tub 

Instead of letting your electricity bill hike up, use a wood-fired hot tub as an eco-friendly option for your outdoor pamper session. Firewood is a perfect, carbon neutral way to heat up your tub and adds to the romantic aesthetic of taking a dip with a sunset view. This product from Cotswold Eco Tubs is a perfect example – their energy efficient, hot tubs in a sleek wooden design are the best in Gloucestershire. You can view their other products here

4. Firepits 

Gather around, crack open a beer, toast some marshmallows and pretend you’re interested in the photo of your cousin’s baby. Firepits are the king of all social settings. Pop a few kiln-dried logs in the pit along with some kindling and firelighters, and your fire will burn bright within minutes, much to the delight of your guests. Your friends will love sitting in your back garden, just don’t be surprised if everyone groans once you whip out your acoustic guitar.

5. Chimineas 

Chimineas add a little bit of aesthetic appeal to your patio. With a little TLC and excellent quality firewood, your Chiminea will be Instagram-worthy. Make sure to clean your chiminea regularly to experience an optimum burn. Have you ever sat around a chiminea that is bellowing out loads of smoke? No need to worry about smoke clouding your vision - EcoBlaze logs receive an extra day in the kiln, ensuring that they burn with efficiency and less smoke, which will keep the neighbourhood happy. Sidenote: Your dog’s tail won’t set on fire if they get too close and your drunk uncle will also remain unharmed as he stumbles back inside to find a toilet.

6. Outdoor pizza oven 

Pizza is great, but it’s even better when it’s cooked in a wood fired pizza oven. While the weather is nice, enjoy your meals outside and show off your cooking skills (and pizza oven) to your neighbours. Soon you’ll be in stone-baked, cheese sprinkled bliss, with a garden view. Kindling combined with birch logs will generate a huge heat output quickly. A fierce blaze will get the oven hot enough to crisp up your pizza base and create dappled patterns in the melted cheese, which oozes over the edges as you bite into it.

With this guide, you can now appreciate the great outdoors and have some great excuses to burn firewood all year round. Visit our website now to purchase the Epic Firewood Bundle and view our other new bundles.  

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