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Brand New ecoBlaze Natural Firelighters

Brand New ecoBlaze Natural Firelighters

Brand New ecoBlaze Natural Firelighters are a clean and convenient way of starting your real fire. When used in conjunction with the ecoBlaze Chunky Kindling, they really are the best way to get your fire blazing quickly. The ecoBlaze Natural Firelighters can't be beaten with the following features and benefits.
• Natural, clean, convenient and odourless
• Quick to ignite and burn fiercely for approximately 8 minutes
• UK produced from FSC approved shredded spruce which is dipped in wax
• Minimum of 50 per box
• Suitable for stoves, open fires, wood burning ovens, BBQs and chimeneas
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Wood Pellet Shortage - Update 12 January

Wood Pellet Shortage - Update 12th January

We are still seeing large scale shortages across the market with most bagged suppliers providing 50% or less of their typical winter volumes.

The European fibre situation is still in a critical stage - The Latvian Government has recently declared a disaster in the forestry sector due to flooding. This means that producers in Latvia have been able to trigger the Force Majeure provisions in their supply contracts to avoid non-supply penalties. The Latvians are not the only producers who have been struggling with the conditions - indeed most of the Eastern European producers from Russia across the Baltics and Ukraine and Belarus have suffered from similar challenges. Fortunately the weather has turned in the last week, allowing most logging operations to recommence, however there is a significant delay from the time timber is felled until a pellet can be delivered to a consumer. We don't believe the production challenges will abate until at least the middle of February, by which time the pent-up demand in the market is likely to keep supply tight and prices high well into the start of April.

Despite the market challenges, White Horse Energy is bringing substantial quantities of product to the market (at present our weekly volumes are 30%-50% up on last year). Unfortunately to deliver these volumes our costs have shot up dramatically (by 30%-40%/tonne). At present we have managed to limit the impact on the consumer to an increase of just 16% over prior years. Our ambition is to secure as much supply as possible for our customers in order to ensure that everyone who needs pellets can get pellets. As soon as we are able, we will reduce our pricing in line with our supply costs. While it is very difficult to determine exactly when this will happen, we'd like to think we would see price reductions from the end of February.

Our long-term view remains that next winter we will see pellet prices somewhere below this winter's pricing, but above previous winters. Despite what has contributed to a perfect storm for the pellet market this year, wood pellets remain a very stable priced energy commodity relative to the alternatives - Electricity, Gas and Oil regularly see price swings far in excess of what the pellet market has seen this year. 
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