5 Reasons To Re-Think How You Heat Your Home

5 Reasons To Re-Think How You Heat Your Home

The UK currently faces uncertainty over the prices and supply security of oil, gas, and electricity

How much will your heating bill cost this April? And with energy bills set to increase again, should we be re-thinking about how we heat our homes in the foreseeable future? Here are 5 reasons why going back to basics and burning good quality kiln dried logs is the answer.

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1. Turn Off The Central Heating

So much of our time at home is spent in the living room, so heating your whole house is a huge waste of energy. Save both energy and money by lighting up that wood burner.

You can concentrate all the heat into one room, while turning your central heating off for most of the day. Modern wood burners circulate the hot air around the room using a stove fan, ensuring you’ll be warm in no time and that no energy is wasted. 

Graph displaying UK energy prices

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2. Consistent Pricing of Kiln Dried Logs

Gas, oil and wholesale electricity prices have fluctuated on a grand scale, while also having a small impact on the UK firewood market. Firewood prices have increased to adapt to this, but we’ve got good news – this change is to a much smaller extent in comparison. Firewood prices remain cheaper per kilo watt hour in comparison to other energy types and have been stable throughout the past 18 months.  

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3. Extend the Wood-Burning Season Beyond Spring

Although you’ll usually wrap up your wood-burning routine in the early spring, the incoming inflation rates might encourage you to hold on for a little longer this year. The price cap on energy bills will rise to 54% in April, placing financial pressure on households. Instead of stretching your remaining log supply, consider buying a new crate to prepare for the increased cost of living and have plenty of fuel for those colder evenings.

Four kiln dried firewood crates stacked besides each other

4. No Summer Firewood Prices?

Our firewood prices are forecast to remain the same throughout 2022, so don’t wait around for summer prices if you’re looking to order another crate. 

Rest assured we are offering the same consistency in the quality of our logs, hand stacking crates tightly to give you more for your money. White Horse Energy regularly compares firewood prices with competitors to ensure you’re getting the best value crates on the market, with our Birch crates still the cheapest out there.  

Kiln dried logs in logs basket being held by woman

5. Control Your Fuel Supply

Keeping your log store full is in your hands. Instead of waiting for energy suppliers to lower the price cap or switching tariffs without certainty of the outcome, choose a dispatchable form of energy that can sit in your log store for a long time. Order and restock when it most suits you, and you’ll be in a favourable position when there is no longer security in other types of energy supply.  

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