5 Christmas Films to Watch This Year

5 Christmas Films to Watch This Year

It’s time to light the fire and sink into your sofa to watch a Christmas film. We’re certain you’ve watched a few of these well-known festive flicks already, but we’ve picked five of our favourites, that truly deserve to be watched next to a welcoming, glowing fireplace with that pile of half-eaten chocolate for company.

1. Gremlins (1984)

Although set at Christmas time, this is certainly not your typical festive film (and not one to watch with the under 15’s either), but we thought it was worthy of a mention. An inventor buys a creature known as the Mogwai as a present for his son Billy, who affectionately names it Gizmo. However, the creature comes with three crucial rules: it must not be fed after midnight, exposed to water, or exposed to sunlight. Of course, Billy forgets these rules, accidentally letting Gizmo come into contact with water and so the gremlins are spawned - monsters that not only wreak havoc on the town but attack the civilians too.  

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2. It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

This timeless black and white classic has an uplifting message about the impact of kindness, starring James Stewart as George Bailey. George finds himself tied to the town he’s grown up in, always giving himself to the small community around him, until one night, where the fate of his town and the family business is in the balance, leading him to feel helpless and swamped. The story follows him from high school up to the moment he considers taking his life on Christmas eve. At this moment, the angel Clarence is sent to George to save him. Clarence shows George exactly what life would have been like if George hadn't been born, making George realise all the lives he had saved and improved with his honourable deeds. 

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3. Die Hard (1988)

Whether you think this can be justified as a Christmas movie or not, this blockbuster has become the high-action antidote to the Hallmark movies often floating around in December. Bruce Willis stars as N.Y.P.D. detective John McClane, who goes to L.A. to mend the relationship with his wife and spend time with his family at Christmas. Then, things go wrong. A hostage situation happens right in the middle of the christmas party at his wife’s workplace, while the German mastermind Hans Gruber intends to steal the bearer bonds from the company’s vault under the guise of a terrorist attack. John takes it upon himself to face the criminals in a whirlwind of fight sequences and to save everyone in the building.  

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4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 

How about a more family friendly film for the pile? Dr. Zeuss’ book character has been brought to life twice now, but we’re particularly fond of the original live action film starring Jim Carrey, who adds his unique comedic style. On the edge of a town named Whoville lives a green scrooge-esque creature who avoids the town – and the people – as much as possible. The Grinch despises Christmas, and after a reintroduction with his unhappy childhood memories during the tree-lighting event, he sets out to ruin everyone else’s Christmas. But with the help of a young girl named Cindy Lou, the Grinch starts to change for the better, and for the first time in his life finds a sense of belonging.  

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5. Home Alone (1990)

Let’s finish with the definitive family movie. Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) is accidentally left behind on the day his family goes to France. Initially Kevin loves being home alone, but soon discovers two con men breaking into the home. Having planned out the heist before the family left, the robbers are certain they’ll be able to take everything they want... little do they know they’ll have to deal with Kevin, who lays out the most impressive obstacle course ever to protect his home. This film blends some touching moments of a reconciled family with enough slapstick comedy and quotable dialogue that’ll keep the kids hooked and give the adults a good dose of 80s nostalgia.

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