Create Your Ideal Wood-Burning Conditions

Create Your Ideal Wood-Burning Conditions

Humans make hundreds of decisions on a daily basis – and sometimes that includes finding the right firewood for your appliance. How about we help you make one less decision today?  

When you’re feeling indecisive, keen on trying something different, or if you’re new to wood burning altogether, then try a Mix and Match crate bundle. White Horse Energy is giving you the flexibility to sample a bit of each and discover their unique selling points.  

Our new Mix and Match crate bundles come as three different combinations: 

Ash & Birch 

It’s the age-old dilemma... which one is better? This is a crate for the indecisive, or for those who like both. Both products are highly accessible choices, especially for a first-time buyer. Either way, when you’re seeking optimum burning conditions for the best value then this is for you.  

Birch tends to be the easiest to light because of the flammability of its natural bark, which encourages the flames to grow in intensity. Meanwhile, Ash is known as our best all-round performer because of its steady and longer burn. When combined, they’ll produce a bright flame, and the fire will reach high temperatures very quickly. 

Birch & Oak 

In the firewood industry, Birch and Oak are regarded as opposites. While birch lights easily, burns quickly and has a fiercer flame, Oak burns the slowest with a more subtle flame.  Once you combine the two, you’ll have all the aesthetic qualities desired in Birch, with the persistent, dependable burn provided by the Oak logs.  

Generally, it takes longer to burn through a crate of Oak than a crate of Birch. The high density of Oak logs is what makes their burn duration so impressive, however they do often require kindling or firelighters for easy ignition. Adding Birch will speed up the process, while the Oak will allow you to cut down on your firewood consumption. They have a perfect relationship with each other. Why not try this combo in your firepit? 

Oak-Birch Mix & Match

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Our Oak-Birch mix and match product contains two separately hand stacked crates of kiln-dried Birch and Oak firewood logs. Combine or use individually in woodburners, firepits, chimineas, barbecues and other appliances for an unmatched burn duration or a fierce but long burning flame.  

We’ve put together this blend of firewood for you, bringing the dependable base characteristics of oak along with the energy of birch, which means that you can seek high heat with less firewood consumption.  

Birch is a user-friendly hardwood that lights easily thanks to its thin, paper-like bark. Once lit, it will reach desired temperatures quickly – this makes it ideal for cooking outdoors.  

Oak is the traditional hardwood with a slow and steady burn, and produces a low flame once lit. The tight grain and high density gives it the calorific value to continue burning throughout the evening. When combined with birch, oak will catch alight more easily and have a much fiercer flame, all while retaining the longevity of Oak.  We also recommend our Natural firelighters to achieve a flame within minutes. 

Important features: 
  • Combination of Birch and Oak logs 
  • Split and cut to 25cm lengths 
  • Kiln dried to moisture levels under 20% 
  • Carefully hand stacked logs fill the entire crate

Standard crates are the perfect size to fit into any storage space and be delivered to restricted access properties. All standard crates of firewood are ‘Ready to Burn’ accredited and labelled. This means they meet Woodsure’s quality checks and have moisture content levels of 20% or less.  

White Horse Energy is committed to providing the best value firewood available in the UK - without compromising on quality! You can be assured that you are purchasing wood that is carefully prepared, safe to burn and will keep your wood burning appliance in good condition. Spend less time maintaining your stove and more time enjoying the warmth. 

The dimensions of a standard crate are 0.85m x 0.82m x 1.1m. Each crate is wrapped in a thin plastic sheet to maintain their dryness during the shipping process.To keep your firewood dry, place these in a sheltered storage space with plenty of air circulation. Make sure that firewood is kept off the ground so that moisture doesn’t seep in.   
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Oak & Ash  

These two types of firewood are popular and dependable choices, due to the lasting heat they provide. Oak acts as a continuously burning base while the Ash increases the heat and the brightness. Together, they make a steady flame and are a reliable source of heat, which is most useful for anyone who uses wood burners on a regular basis to heat their home. 

Are the Crates Mixed? 

We don’t mix the firewood together – the log types are placed in two separate standard sized crates, delivered together. A standard contains half the volume of a full crate, which will be much easier to unload as you take your delivery, as well as being suitable for smaller vehicles with restricted access to properties. You have free reign to experiment with the different burn characteristics, without having to commit a max or a full crate delivery of one type of firewood.  

For a personalised recommendation, call our knowledgeable and friendly customer services team on 01285 402 000.  

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