The Best Fuel for Your Chiminea

The Best Fuel for Your Chiminea

One of the less common ways to burn wood fuel is in a chiminea. You can light this for warmth while sitting in the garden, or for a fuss free natural cooking experience. Are you worried about your chiminea puffing out giant smoke clouds and upsetting the neighbours? We're here to recommend a few premium quality fuels for that sought after clean burn. 

What Exactly is a Chiminea? 

A chiminea has a hollow rounded body, with a front opening to store the fuel and a small chimney that releases the smoke. The chiminea was invented in Mexico in the 1600’s – the word itself being Spanish for ‘chimney’ – and was made of clay and a method of providing heat or baking bread. The closed off structure makes it ideal for containing the flames for an effective cooking method. Nowadays, a chiminea is more likely to be sought after for decorative purposes and can be bought in cast iron or aluminium. They are freestanding, with legs to keep them off the ground and away from the damp. Dampness can cause the material to rust or the fuel to get wet and ineffective for burning. Wet firewood also produces excessive amounts of smoke.  

We recommend....

Birch Firewood

Birch is a versatile type of hardwood which has been used for centuries by Scandinavians. Your Chiminea will thank you for blessing it with such revered wood! This firewood is perfect for creating high heat fast. The logs might still retain the silvery bark that Birch is known for, which looks lovely when stacked, and the bark will make firefighting way easier. If you’re seeking a unique way to grill food, firewood will ensure that smoky flavour on chargrilled vegetables and meat

Pini-Kay Briquettes

Pini-Kay briquettes are hexagon shaped, high performing eco logs that burn hot enough to fight off the cold breeze in your back garden. They may not create the gorgeous scent that firewood does, but they’ll certainly create one hell of a blaze. The hole in the middle keeps the fire oxygenated as air flows through. Briquettes are also a great option for indirect cooking and smoking your food for several hours - you can buy grates to fit inside the opening for this purpose.  

Nestro Briquettes

Nestro logs are a chunkier form of briquette densely packed with energy which allows them to burn for a long time. They are great for long summer evenings in the garden. Use some kindling and firelighters to get the fire going before adding this briquette. The high density of Nestro makes it harder to light, but this density is essential to give it the unbeatable energy output it’s popular for.  

Pro tip: Increase the heat in your chiminea gradually and let the fire die slowly instead of extinguishing with water. Extreme temperature changes can cause cracks or warping in the structure of the chiminea. 

For extended periods of time spent outdoors use briquettes or heat logs for your chiminea - although they’re seen as less romantic or traditional, the flame they produce is impressive and they burn for a long time. If you’re conscious of waste, then this product would be ideal for you as they’re made from 100% recycled wood waste and then compressed into their log shape. Combine briquettes AND firewood, and you’ve got the ideal combination of superior heat output and the subtly fresh, sweet scent of the burning wood. 

Try our Complete Wood Burning Bundle to see the benefits of each fuel for yourself. It comes with kindling and firelighters, so you don’t need to spend ages crouched in front of the chiminea opening waiting for the logs to catch fire. In this bundle, there is something for everyone.  

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