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NEW - Parcel Deliveries📦🆕

Exciting news, White Horse Energy is introducing parcel delivery. Parcel deliveries will enable customers even further ability to trial our premium product before committing to larger volumes. Look out for the parcel icon, this will display the products where parcels are available.

Are you a loyal Birch Firewood customer that has been tempted by trialing our long-lasting Briquettes but have been nervous but the price point? Briquette parcels are available across our briquette range, as well as a parcel the contains one of each if you aren't sure what briquette is entirely for you. 

Going away for the weekend & looking for the bundle that contains all your wood burning essentials? Our Firewood bundle is perfect! All products in this parcel environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. This parcel contains - 3x EcoBlaze boxed firewood / 1x Box EcoBlaze kiln-dried kindling / 1x 50 EcoBlaze natural firelighters

Full list of available parcel bundles

Charcoal Briquettes - Twin Pack - £40
Charcoal Bags - Twin Pack - £25 
EcoBlaze Boxed Wood - Triple Pack - £25
Boxed Wood, Kindling and Firelighter Parcel - £30 
Briquette Mixed Parcel - £21
Briquette Triple Pini-Kay - £25.50
Briquette Triple RUF Parcel - £21
Briquette Double Nestro Parcel - £18

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NEW - Briquette Comparison🎥

Been curious about burning Briquettes? Huge heat output & multiple hour burn duration makes them a no brainer. Watch our handy comparison guide & work out the best briquette for you. 

TOP TIP - Our briquettes are available as parcels & as Add On's with your firewood order
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What Firewood Is For Me?? - New Firewood Comparison Video📽

Umming & aghhing about what firewood is for you this winter???

Let us do the heavy lifting, our firewood comparison video will show you the side by side burning characteristic as well as the burning durations of each of our firewood types. Which firewood will you be going for this year?
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Premium Delivery When You Need It 🚛📦

Premium Delivery When You Need It

Whatever you’ve ordered from us, whether it be wood pellets to heat your home & hot water, or our kiln dried firewood that helps create that cosy ambience in the darkest winter months we believe you’ll enjoy a fantastic delivery service to suit you. We can get your order to you in a flash if you need it urgently our premium delivery will ensure you’re not left with that last wood pellet bag panic. 

Place your order of wood pellets or firewood before 5pm Monday – Thursday and receive your order the very next day (premium shipping excludes Saturday’s & Sundays and Public/Bank Holidays) & it’s starts from just £10.50 per pallet!

For more delivery information regarding our range of services from premium shipping to timed delivery options click here. Or alternately get in touch with our helpful customer service team on 01285 402 000 
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Firepower Wood Pellets Now £270

Firepower Wood Pellets Now £270

Firepower wood pellets have returned & are now the cheapest price per tonne ENplus A1 & BSL wood pellet found anywhere. 

This is the time to top-up the pellet store while this price is available order online now

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