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Loose Volume?

Firewood in the UK is traditionally sold by loose volume - when someone gives you a price for a 1m3 dumpy bag, or a 'load' of 2m3, that volume is measured with the logs loose filled into the relevant container. In the rest of Europe however, logs are typically sold in stacked volume. For a meaningful comparison to what most people are used to, we declare the Loose Volume of logs in all of our crates. If you'd like more detail on the firewood volume being supplied on each product, click on the product image. That will take you to an information page on the product that includes the extaernal and internal volume of the crate, the moisture content etc. etc. - pretty much every bit of detail you might ever need.

How does one get to the Loose Volume from the Stacked Volume? The easiest way is to multiply the stacked volume by 1.7 (as per AEBIOM's guidance). This provides a useful indicator. The truth though is that with a naturally imprecise product like firewood, your loose volume is going to vary quite dramatically depending on the nature of the wood (the dimensions of each log for instance - lots of small logs means a bigger loose volume)

Internal vs External Volume

Some traders will declare the volume of firewood as the external volume of the packaging - always be sure whether you are receiving an internal or external measurement. A crate that has external measurements of 2m3 will have an internal volume significantly less than this due to the space occupied by the pallet at the bottom of the crate and the walls of the crate - the internal volume can be as much as 0.4m3 less than the external volume of a crate! We declare all of the measurements of our crates on each of the product pages!

Actual Volumes

Below is an example from an old crate size we used to produce. Despite the much larger footprint of the 1mx1.2mx1.35m cages we dry wood in, the height of the 'loose' wood in the cages is dramatically higher than the height of the stacked wood in the crate (a 0.8m x 1.25m x 2m crate). The actual quantity of wood displayed below is the same, but by neat stacking the wood we are able to transport it far more efficiently, and we pass that advantage directly on to the customer.

Cages measure 1.35m x 1.2m x 1m Crates measure 2m x 1.25m x 0.80m (Please note this is an old crate size- new crates are as per product page)