Firewood Price Comparison Guide

White Horse Energy are committed to providing the best value firewood available in the UK - without compromising on quality!


To ensure our firewood is the best value available we regularly scour the internet to compare the prices of our competitors. We've started publishing that data here (to spare the blushes of our competitors, we've redacted their names), so that you can see a direct comparison. If you think we're missing someone, let us know and we'll add them in!

Marketwide Firewood Price Comparison

Calculating Firewood Volumes

Not every supplier will provide the Loose Volume of their firewood. Most suppliers will provide the external dimensions as a minimum. Some suppliers (even big household names) supply no volume at all - you really ought to be having a good think about trusting a firewood supplier who doesn't provide any dimensions! 

When the Loose Volume is not provided by a competitor, we approximate Loose Volume by taking 90% of the external volume in 
m³ (less 0.1m³) divided by 0.6. So, Loose Volume = 0.9*(External Volume - 0.1)/0.6.

Where no external volume is provided we use the dimensions taken from our most recent data point (normally a test purchase of a competitors product).


Firewood is a suprisingly difficult product to measure. One shouldn't sell Firewood by weight (wet wood is heavier - thus unscrupulous merchants often sell undried wood). Most UK firewood is sold in a package described as 'Loose Volume' - i.e. all the logs jumbled up together, rather than neatly stacked. It should be no suprise that wood packaged like this is inefficient. 1m³ of stacked wood will 'expand' to 1.6m³ when jumbled about.

All of White Horse Energy's wood is sold neat stacked. Nevertheless, to comply with our regulatory obligations, and to present a level playing field we quote a Price per m³ in Loose Volume across the site (and in the table below). All our products have further measurements available on their individual pages too to ensure you know exactly what you are buying.


Quality is crucial, and it is part of our mindset. All of our firewood is Ready to Burn Certified, and we've collected thousands of reviews as a testament to this mindset:

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In 2020 we were awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award:

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