Five Reasons To Burn Oak Firewood

Five Reasons To Burn Oak Firewood

Is Oak a good firewood?And does Oak burn longer? We're here to answer all the burning questions you might have. Here are five reasons why you should have kiln dried Oak logs as a staple fuel in your home before the winter is over.  

1. Longest Burn Duration

Because of its dense wood fibres and chunkier shape, this firewood burns much more slowly than other types. One log will burn for over two hours, meaning you’ll be refuelling less often – see for yourself by referring to the video on our Firewood Comparison page. It’s perfect for people who enjoy life at a slower pace. As long as you start with plenty of kindling to get the flame going, your fire will take a long time to die out! Feed these logs into your appliance and keep warm all day with barely a dent in your log store.  

2. Generous Heat Output

The high calorific content means that oak firewood generates a lot of heat when burned, creating a continuous source of warmth while the flame flickers low. This means you get an efficient fuel that produces higher amounts of energy for your money. Worth considering this affordable source of heat for when your boiler goes kaput.  

3. Ideal For Intensive Use

Oak is perfect for firewood enthusiasts and those who prefer wood fuel over central heating. If you’re planning to keep the logburner going every day, oak is reliable as a main form of heat. Keep that shed brimming with logs all year round for when you need a consistent heating supply. 

4. Traditional Firewood Choice  

Oak logs were a part of everyday life years ago and are still part of wood-burning traditions now. It's a symbol of endurance and was traditionally used as part of winter celebrations in England. Whole Oak logs were chosen for celebrating Yule, marking the midwinter and bringing light, comfort, and the promise of longer days returning. You can create that feeling in your home too.  

5. Less Maittenance

Oak firewood produces consistent heat and a low flame, so you won’t need to tend to the fire as often. Oak is also much less likely to spit and spark because of this reason. It burns evenly and creates minimal ash, making it a highly efficient combustible fuel. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and relax without interruption with less clearing up after.

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