Six Tips for a Pet-Proof Firelit Evening

Six Tips for a Pet-Proof Firelit Evening

When you choose to get an animal, pet proofing your home is a no brainer - especially around fireplaces. However, there are a few ways you can keep your furry friends safe that don’t just involve shutting them out of the room. Consider these steps for the next time you light a fire...

dogs in front of fireplace

1. Let Them Play From Further Away 

Monitor the distance between your pet and the heat source, especially while they’re moving around during play. Train your dog to learn the appropriate areas to sit in before you begin to use the fire frequently. You can also dedicate a separated play pen in the room to throw toys around and let your animal explore freely.  

2. Never Leave a Fire Unattended 

Pets won’t realise they’re getting too close to the flame or figure out that the woodburner’s metal surface is hot. Either way, as long as someone is in the room to shower Fido with attention, both owner and dog will be content. 

3. In This Situation... Don't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

We know that soaking up the warmth isn’t just for the humans, however, your beloved Tortoiseshell cat isn’t going to know when enough is enough. Cats especially love lying in the warmth but can overheat if they stay there for a long time. When a few hours have passed, give them a gentle nudge or pick them up.  

4. Keep Tools and Ornaments Away From Curious Paws

You know what cats are like... anything on a ledge? BAM. Ornaments placed directly above a fireplace probably needs to go somewhere that cats won’t go. Keep the floor around the hearth area clear too and allow tools to cool down in a safe space before placing them back in their designated area to keep those precious toe beans safe. 

black and white cat in front of fireplace

5. Pet Proof Your Home  

Choose your furniture placement wisely – cats easily jump from high places. It’s better to push seats further away, especially with dangling blankets and decorative wall hangings that they can climb from. We recommend purchasing a fireguard to protect animals from the heat source too.  

6. Clean the Fireplace

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Keeping your appliance in good condition and getting regular chimney inspections reduces soot particles coming into the home. Brush away ash and soot inside the woodburner in order to make sure your fuel burns efficiently too. Kiln dried firewood has moisture levels below 20%, which burns hotter and cleaner, produces less smoke, and is kinder to your appliance.  

Now your home is prepped, you can enjoy a traditional, cosy fire while snuggled up with your family and animals. We recommend our kiln dried oak logs for a low and slow burn in any appliance or open fire.  

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