Loose Vs Stacked Firewood Explained

Loose Vs Stacked Firewood Explained

What Is The Loose Volume?

The loose volume of firewood refers to a natural, random loose pile with larger air gaps in between the logs. Many suppliers already deliver their firewood in this form, such as in builder bags, so therefore it’s the standard way to provide measurements. 

White Horse Energy Firewood Crate Specification 


What Is The Stacked Volume?

The stacked volume refers to when the firewood is contained as a dense, neat stack with very little space between the logs. The reduction in air gaps makes the volume shrink by about a third.

Why Do We Quote The Loose Volume? 

The main reason we prefer to provide the loose volume, is that other suppliers do the same. It’s easier to compare this in terms of cost per cubic metre, to check the value for money that we’re providing against other competitors. 

Additionally, other suppliers sometimes use the external dimensions of the crate, which is inaccurate and makes online measurements difficult to understand. This way, we’re keeping things simple – it gives you a clearer picture of just how much firewood you’re handling once it’s out of the crate.  

How To Measure The Stacked & Loose Volumes


Take the internal volume of the crate (height x width x depth). The volume inside the crate does not include the crate or pallet. Just the firewood stack itself. The closer your logs are stacked, the more you get per cubic metre. 

LOOSE VOL m3:   

The industry standard for calculating loose volume is 1.67 times the stacked volume, meaning that the volume is 67% larger when the logs become jumbled up. The volume refers to split logs that are 25 – 3cm in length, which creates more air gaps due to the increased surface area.  

For example, our full crate’s stacked volume is 1.2m3 but has a loose volume of 2m3 when this forms a natural pile. 

Why Don’t We Measure By Weight? 

Measuring by weight can be misleading as it doesn’t accurately represent the amount of firewood you’re getting. Weight varies depending on the wood species’ density and on moisture content levels. For instance, a small dumpy bag of logs could weigh more than a large one. Always remember that the drier your firewood gets, the lighter it will be - and the better it will burn.  

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