Firewood Price And Availability Forecast

Firewood Price And Availability Forecast

White Horse Energy will be putting up the prices on all firewood crates from the beginning of June onwards. 

 We know that times are tough right now, so we understand this isn’t the best news to hear, but the team at White Horse Energy are here to explain why this has been implemented. We will answer any questions you have and support you to make the right decisions around your budget and heating requirements.  

Why Is White Horse Energy Increasing Prices?

Though we have strived to keep prices down, necessary changes are being put in place in the short term to keep business going. We want to continue providing the same levels of high quality in our service and firewood products so that you don’t go without. 

Not only has the wood pellet market suffered at the hands of inflation, but so has the firewood market, after facing a 20% hike in wholesale costs this spring. In fact, firewood supply chain costs have increased across the board, with the prices of raw materials, processing and transport rising after the cumulative impact of several global crises.

Supply And Demand Picture

The pressure on supply chains started with Brexit, and then COVID 19. Now, with the international crisis impacting global supply, the knock-on effect has put the biomass sector under immense pressure. Meanwhile, the number of people owning wood burners in the UK has shot up, with 200,000 buying a wood burner every year.  

Even more demand for firewood is expected in 2022 and beyond, as more people seek to heat their homes the traditional way to avoid using their central heating during the energy crisis. This may present new challenges for suppliers, who are continually adapting and seeking alternative sources for raw materials.   

Medium Term Outlook

We want you to know where we stand in the market today, and how this will impact you over the next few months. Despite these alterations, you can rest assured that firewood costs are nowhere near as unpredictable as other wholesale energy costs have been. We even put together a graph to show you: 

Oil - Retail | Gas - Wholesale Electricity - Wholesale Bagged Pellet - WHE Retail KD Firewood - WHE Retail

Firewood costs remain steady and have done so throughout the pandemic. Historical comparisons to oil, gas, and wholesale electricity indicates that firewood prices will trend in a similar way to wood pellets, in the sense that prices will remain stable for the next few months.  

In The Long Term

We forecast another price increase will take place as we enter the wood-burning season from September onwards. This is usually the case, due to seasonal alterations in the supply chain as the cold weather heightens demand.  

We imagine that this next accrual will be felt even more strongly as reliance on alternative sources of heating grows but we will keep you updated well in advance of any further changes so that you can best prepare for the winter. 

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Money Saving Advice

Know someone who is thinking of buying from White Horse Energy? We offer a referral scheme that gives new customers a discount. Simply give friends and family your unique referral code and they can apply this at checkout to get 5% off their first order or share your unique link and the discount is automatically applied. 

Be one step ahead of the price increase by making the most of our multi-pallet discount. When you order four pallets, you will receive £20 off your order. This may seem like a lot of pellets to order at once but trust us – it will be a worthwhile investment in the long term. 

Got more questions about our firewood crates? Head over to our firewood knowledge base to find our FAQs and comparison guides. 

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