Firewood Outdoors

Firewood Outdoors

Using firewood during the summer months is always a real treat, whether for your Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Chimenea, Firepit, Campfire our kiln dried logs can be used in a versatile set of products. Our firewood is kiln-dried to under 20% moisture & all cut to 25cm in length ensuring it fits perfectly in the majority of appliances.

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Our kiln dried firewood is perfect for wood fired pizza ovens. When it comes to creating the most delicious pizza you need two things, great ingredients & premium kiln dried fuel. Making a good pizza is a symphony & finding the right balance of tangy tomato sauce or the right covering of stringy cheese is important. Our kiln dried firewood helps you create an incredibly high cooking temperature & smoky tones will help elevate your pizza to perfection. 

Campfires, Chimeneas & Firepits

Campfires can be lit anywhere, but an effective campfire needs good quality dry firewood as opposed to damp sticks you found in a bank halfway through the woods.  

Firepits are basically a self-contained version of a campfire which is off the ground. This allows for easier clean up and reduces the risk of moisture reaching the firewood.  

Chimineas are a self-contained appliance with an opening for fire lighting and a rounded body. The smoke is redirected through the small chimney attached to it. They can be made out of clay, steel or cast iron, although clay is the traditional material.  

Things to remember before using chimineas and firepits: 

Metal surfaces need regular cleaning with soap and water and make sure to rub them around with some oil every few weeks to keep firepits and chimineas protected and in good condition. Cast iron is more likely to rust, so protect it from the elements as much as possible and apply protective coatings that reduce the risk of rusting. 

Clay is porous and fragile. Moisture can seep into clay, so remember to apply a protective coating to the clay exterior every few weeks. Build the temperature in your clay chiminea by adding amounts of fuel to the fire gradually. 

Masonry and stone can be scrubbed with dishwasher soap and water but for tough stains you may need a solution of 8 parts water to 1-part muriatic acid (provided you protect yourself and wash away all traces of acid after). 

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