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Firewood Comparison Guide

There is something magical about staring into the flames of a proper log fire. From antiquity to the present day wood fires have kept us warm and with modern firewood processing methods firewood can keep us warm more efficiently and with less fuss than ever before. Choosing the right firewood can be a daunting task so we've compiled a useful store of information below to make that decision as easy as possible!

Product Ash Full CrateBirch Full CrateOak Full CrateMax Firewood Crates
Type Ash HardwoodBirch HardwoodOak HardwoodAvailable In Ash & Birch
Crate Height 1.26 m1.26 m1.26 m2m
Crate Base 1.1m x 1.04m1.1m x 1.04m1.1m x 1.04m1.19m x 1.08m
Internal Volume 1.24 m³1.24 m³1.24 m³
Loose Volume 2.08 m³2.08 m³2.08 m³3.74m³
Max. Avg. MC3 20%20%20%20%
Est. Calorific Value 2781 KWh2647 KWh2959 KWh
Burn Duration Hot and LongShorter but FierceBurns slowly & long lasting

Why Crates?

Logs in the UK are traditionally sold in bulk bags or 'loads'. Transporting wood in this manner is intrinsically inefficient as one is paying to transport all of the gaps between the logs too. By neat stacking wood in a crate, one maximises the amount of wood in a given volume - this is one of the main reasons we are so competitive on price - we're just more efficient! Previously our crates contained three rows of wood and had a maximum height of 2m for the Full crate. These crates were incredibly unstable and often resulted in delivery failures to the crate falling over or collapsing. Having made extensive Health & Safety investigations we now have 4 rows of wood and a maximum height of 1.6m in the full crate. This wider crate allows us to transport the same volume of wood, but much more securely!

Loose vs Stacked

One of the advantages of crates is that we can neat stack logs in the crate - a far more efficient method than loose filling a container (the standard UK method). To convert from the stacked volume of logs to the loose volume (the UK measure) multiply the stacked volume by 1.7. For more info have a look at the Loose vs Stacked page.

A Note on Delivery

If you would like your firewood merchant to neatly stack your firewood in your wood shed for you, then I'm afraid we are probably not the firewood merchant for you! We use Palletways to deliver our firewood and they do an incredible job of putting your crate of firewood as close to where you want it as they can. Delivering large crates of wood is a somewhat awkward task for the delivery man especially if your delivery location has unhelpful features like a slope or a gravel surface. Almost all off our deliveries go off without a hitch, but if you have any concerns about the suitability of your delivery point, have a look at our delivery information page, or give the office a call on 01285 402000 and we can find your property on Google Streetview and let you know what we think. If in doubt, try a half crate first and have a chat to the delivery man as to whether he thinks he'd be able to get a full crate to where you need it.