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Firewood Comparison Guide

Customers often ask us what the best firewood is. It's is not as straightforward a question as one might think, as the best firewood for you might not be the best firewood for someone with a slightly different use case. Your type of appliance (open fire or modern eco-design stove) and intended use (as a major source of heating or purely decorative) combined with your personal preferences (bright flames or long-lasting heat) all combine to make choosing the best firewood a very personal choice. Never fear however, for this firewood comparison guide is designed to point you in the right direction, and if you are still stuck you can always call our knowledgeable UK based team for personal advice.

Product Kiln Dried Ash FirewoodKiln Dried Birch FirewoodKiln Dried Oak FirewoodKiln Dried Hornbeam Firewood
Burn Intensity 7/1010/105/108/10
Burn Duration 7/106/1010/109/10
Full Crate Dimensions 1.26m x 1.14m x 1.08m1.26m x 1.14m x 1.08m1.26m x 1.14m x 1.08m1.26m x 1.1m x 1.08m
Full Crate Loose Vol 2.16 m³2.16 m³2.16 m³2.16 m³
Full Crate Internal Vol 1.3 m³1.3 m³1.3 m³1.3 m³
Standard Crate Dimensions 0.85m x 0.82m x 1.1m0.85m x 0.82m x 1.1m0.85m x 0.82m x 1.1m0.85m x 0.82m x 1.1m
Standard Crate Loose Vol 1.00m³1.00m³1.00m³1.00m³
Standard Crate Internal Vol 0.60m³0.60m³ 0.60m³0.60m³
firewood types

Ash, Birch, Oak or Hornbeam?

Choosing the right variety of firewood can seem like a minefield. Hopefully the video and table above have helped somewhat, but if you are still not sure, the advice below might help!

Ash has long been considered the king of firewood's. It produces a bright flame, high heat, good burn duration and consistent performance all at a compelling price. It is not for nothing that it has long been our best seller

Birch firewood burns fierce and intensely, and for a shorter duration than our other firewood's. For those with finely controllable modern stoves it provides an excellent fuel and unsurpassable value - not for nothing is it the firewood of choice for most Scandinavians! While some customers with open fires might find it burns too quickly and fiercely, it is exactly for that reason that it is a prized fuel in pizza ovens!

Oak provides the ultimate long burn. Heavy, dense logs that burn for hours with a less dramatic flame than others, it is tough to compete with Oak for burn duration. A favourite for those with larger stoves and open fires, some people refuse to burn anything but Oak!

Hornbeam is a new firewood for us this year that we're incredibly excited about. Hornbeam, know as iron wood, is incredibly dense and burns for ages with a bright delightful flame. If you're after the ultimate performer, Hornbeam is the firewood for you, although the density makes preperation and drying challenging, hence it is our most expensive firewood!

Standard, Full or Max Crate Sizes?

Once you've decided what species of firewood you are after, the next trick is ordering the right quantity.

Occasional users with modern stoves can't go wrong with our 'Standard Crate' - this has the same amount of wood in it as a typical large dumpy bag, or approximately the same amount of wood as 37 of our small bags or boxes of wood!

By far our biggest seller is our 'Full Crate' with over 2 m
of loose wood in each crate. this will see most users through a full winter and is perfect for those with open fireplaces or those with modern stoves who use their stoves as one of their sources of heating during the winter.

New to the market this year are our 'Max' crates. The largest crates on the market these come with the proviso that they are only suitable for delivery to the flattest most perfect possible delivery locations. If you're not sure if your delivery location is suitable speak to us first as no-one wants to have to lug nearly 4m
of firewood miles from where it was delivered to where you need it. These are suitable for those customers using wood for a significant part of their winter heating requirement, or those customers who're after the best possible value.


Please note we are only able to add kindling and firelighters onto 'Standard' and 'Full' crates. These can be added on during checkout.

A Note on Delivery

If you would like your firewood merchant to neatly stack your firewood in your wood shed for you, then I'm afraid we are probably not the firewood merchant for you! We use Palletways to deliver our firewood and they do an incredible job of putting your crate of firewood as close to where you want it as they can. Delivering large crates of wood is a somewhat awkward task for the delivery man especially if your delivery location has unhelpful features like a slope or a gravel surface. Almost all off our deliveries go off without a hitch, but if you have any concerns about the suitability of your delivery point, have a look at our delivery information page, or give the office a call on 01285 402000 and we can find your property on Google Streetview and let you know what we think. If in doubt, try a half crate first and have a chat to the delivery man as to whether he thinks he'd be able to get a full crate to where you need it.