BBQ Charcoal

Ecoblaze Charcoal is restaurant-grade premium lumpwood charcoal & essential for this year's BBQ & grilling! Our Charcoal is easy igniting & crates the stable & fierce heat due to the large fragment size. Ecoblaze Charcoal is designed to make you look like a barbecue & grilling king or queen! After plenty of perfecting, we believe that we have an unbeatable range of both bagged lumpwood charcoal or boxed charcoal briquettes.

EcoBlaze Pini-Kay Charcoal Briquettes

  • Up to 5 hours for grilling and 10 hours for smoking
  • Extra high cooking temperatures – up to 300 to 400c
  • Restaurant grade superior charcoal Pini Kay briquettes, suitable for grilling, smoking, rotisseries and baking on open grills, pizza ovens and tandoor ovens



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