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EcoBlaze Pini-Kay

EcoBlaze Pini-Kay Full Pallet

Full Pallet

96 x 10Kg Bags
(960 Kg)
£4.06 / bag
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EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™ are the apex predator of the wood briquette world. Fierce burning, long lasting and eco-friendly, if you are looking for the ultimate briquette experience you can’t go wrong with EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™. Manufactured from clean wood waste, burning EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™ is a carbon neutral experience so you can ensure that your heart stays as warm as your hearth!
Our long standing White Horse customers might know our EcoBlaze Pini-Kay's as Tiger Logs, Dispite the name change you should expect the same high performance Briquettes. Unlike some premium products on the market stocking up on EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™ won’t result in you getting less bang for your buck! Drier, denser and with a higher calorific value per tonne than pretty much every other briquette on the market, the higher energy content of these briquettes more than compensates for their premium pricing. Easy to store and stack these briquettes are suitable for all fireplaces, firepits, stoves and chimneas. With no expansion during the burning stage and no spitting or sparking EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™ are ideal to be used on their own or mixed with your regular fuel type.

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