What Are Night Briquettes?

What Are Night Briquettes?

Night briquettes are high-performance, low-cost wood fuel appropriate for multi-fuel fires and stoves. Continue reading to find out more information about this kind of fuel, as well as the most efficient methods to utilise it. 

What Are Night Briquettes?

Night briquettes are bundles of natural bark that have been compressed and packaged so that they burn more slowly and for a more extended period. They are most often used in wood or log burners to maintain a fire throughout the night, sparing the user the trouble of having to restart the fire each morning; however, they may also be used in other appliances to keep a fire going for a longer period.

Traditional logs are replaced by wood briquettes, which burn more efficiently, more cleanly, for longer periods, and at a lower cost. In addition, briquettes recycle a waste product made entirely of wood, which results in less garbage being sent to landfills. It also indicates that trees do not have to be cut down, especially to produce firewood. 

Briquettes made of compressed wood are more energy-efficient than logs since they are both dry and rich in energy. Coal is the most polluting fuel available despite releasing a great deal of heat during combustion and having a high potential energy density. 

When used primarily in a wood-burning stove, wood briquettes may cause long-term harm since these items were not built to withstand temperatures that high because they burn up to 50 % hotter than logs but not as hot as coal. 

Exploring the Qualities of Night Briquettes

Material & Manufacturing

Overall, the production of briquettes of high quality requires the use of large, costly equipment that, when combined with extremely high forces, may achieve densities of more than 1,000 kg/m3. The end-products are the briquettes that have a high calorific content, maintain their form when burning, and produce a lot of heat. 

The wood used in the production of these eco briquettes comes from responsibly managed plantations, and the manufacturing process does not include the use of any chemical ingredients. 

Night briquettes are designed to burn low and slow for up to 8 hours, providing you with a comfortable level of warmth while they are in use. 


Briquettes have a wide range of applications; you may use them in wood-burning stoves, log burners, protected fire pits, chimineas, and so on. They are the ideal supplement to hardwood heat logs as well as conventional logs used in fireplaces


Briquettes for fuel may be manufactured from almost any kind of biomass material, such as hardwood, softwood, straw, bracken, paper, coffee, canola, and so on. When making briquettes out of wood, the term "compression" refers to the amount of pressure applied to the wood throughout the process. The briquettes have a higher compression, which results in a denser and less dusty product. 

Briquettesof low cost and high dust content are produced by machines of poor quality that operate at low compression levels. Because they tend to discourage people from burning briquettes, we steer clear of them. 

Moisture Composition 

In most cases, the water content, also known as the moisture content, in wood briquettes is less than 10 %. Most briquettes of a good grade are dried down to less than 6 % moisture content. In contrast, traditional logs are deemed acceptable for burning when their moisture level is below 20 %, whereas most winter logs have around 30 % moisture content. That is a lot of water to lose via evaporation, and it is a very expensive method to get new water. 

In most cases, the phrase "the drier, the better" applies. Before the fuel can start creating heat for you, the combustion process goes toward producing heat rather than driving off moisture so that it can do so. However, briquettes that are not only dry but also improperly compacted burn too quickly. 

Advantages of Using Night Briquettes

Overall, these are the main advantages of night briquettes:

Burning time is consistent with the heat output. 

Both are practical and inexpensive for maintaining the fire's heat throughout the night. 

Small in size and uncomplicated to put away. 

Non-harmful to the surrounding ecosystem.

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