What Are Briquettes?

What Are Briquettes?

Briquettes are a type of biomass fuel made of compressed recycled wood waste, suitable for burning in most appliances. They are also known as heat logs, eco logs, fire blocks, and fire bricks. 

How are Briquettes Made? 

Much like wood pellets, briquettes are made from the sawdust or fibres from virgin wood (meaning that it’s untreated) that would otherwise get thrown away in the timber industry, making it an efficient form of bioenergy that reduces the waste output as well as being a sustainable fuel. These wood fibres are most likely to be softwoods, but sometimes will be combined with hardwoods.  

To create the briquette, the wood is then compressed at high pressure into its briquette shape until the fibres bind together. It holds its shape naturally without additional chemicals or binding agents, meaning that it won’t damage your appliance and is safe to burn. It’s not just diamonds that are made under pressure!  

Next, the briquette is put into a kiln and dried until it reaches moisture levels below 20%, which is the maximum moisture content required to be labelled as ‘Ready to Burn’ by Woodsure. Most briquettes are extremely dry and surpass the 20% mark – White Horse Energy’s briquettes have moisture levels below 10%.  

Why are Briquettes a Good Alternative? 

The compression and kilning process ensures that the briquette is highly dense and packed with energy, meaning that it burns for longer and usually with a greater heat output than firewood – as much as 50% hotter per pound spent. 

One of the best features of the briquette is that it produces very little ash and smoke when burned. It’ll be much easier to maintain your appliance, and reducing smoke is beneficial when improving the air quality, while also being less irritating for nearby neighbours if you choose to light a fire outside.  

Overall, this is a fuel that not only lasts longer but will help your appliance last longer too.  

The three types we sell are Pini-kay, Nestro and RUF. View our comparison guide to find out the properties of each one.  

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