Briquette Storage

Briquettes are stackable – 96 bags can be fitted onto one pallet – and come in 10kg bags to make transferring them to your storage space easier.  

Briquettes need to be stored in a dry place, ideally indoors, so that they retain their quality before use. If moisture gets into them, they’ll expand and break apart - much like a pellet – into their previous uncompressed state which makes them unsuitable to burn. We recommend putting them in a log basket next to your hearth or an outhouse where no water gets in.  

Avoid putting them in a typical log store, as these have gaps for ventilation since air circulation is necessary for drying firewood properly. While this benefits firewood logs, any exposure to moisture in the air could permanently alter the structure of the briquette. If you must store them somewhere outdoors, then make sure they’re raised off the ground and have a waterproof cover on them. Make sure to cover them even if they are still wrapped in the plastic packaging, as they aren't always completely sealed. 

Briquette storage with briquettes in basket near fireplace

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