Briquette Guide for Beginners

Briquette Guide for Beginners

Are you a fan of briquettes? Or have you never used them before? Either way, we can demonstrate exactly why briquettes are such an effective heat source when burned indoors or outdoors. It seems as though briquettes are overlooked by some, because of their slightly less romantic or unnatural aesthetic, but we want to put to bed this perception! Briquettes – or heat logs - are efficient because deliver 50% more heat per pound spent than firewood logs do. What they lack in looks they make up for in their significant energy density


What Exactly are Briquettes? 

Otherwise known as heat logs, eco logs or fire blocks, briquettes are made of recycled wood waste - mostly softwoods, but occasionally mixed with hardwoods. More specifically, the wood waste is usually sawdust produced from the timber industry that is repurposed instead of thrown away. This wood is usually compressed at high pressure until it is turned into a compact and incredibly dense briquette shape and then kiln dried until it reaches incredibly low moisture content levels.  

Why Choose Briquettes?  

We will always love the homely memories that firewood evokes and the sensations you experience with the wood burning process - of rough bark on your palm, the earthy scent and the way it crackles as the fire overwhelms it. But when your main priority is convenience and carbon neutrality, eco logs offer this.

  • Compact, smaller logs to fit any stove 
  • Easy to handle, stack and store 
  • Minimal ash means minimal clear up 
  • Cost effective and less waste 
  • Carbon neutral 
  • Clean and organic 
  • Intense burn, longer burn 
  • 50% more heat per pound spent 


Pini-Kay briquettes have the highest heat output, so they will provide enough heat to keep a gathering of friends warm around the firepit - even in the winter. Their hexagonal design makes them easy to stack and gives them more surface area so that they catch alight easily. Its hole in the middle allows for more air circulation to oxygenate the fire and make the fire burn brighter. The beauty of this design is that you only need to add one briquette at a time to your appliance, which makes them our best performing briquette and an economical choice.


Our Nestro briquettes have the longest burn duration with a slightly less intense flame. They are the chunkiest, densest briquette we sell, meaning they have a high energy output. Our reviews show that this product is an incredibly reliable and clean fuel for use in the home. We recommend this fuel for people who rely on their logburner as a main source of heat. For the most convenient fire lighting method, pair Nestro logs with our Ecoblaze Natural Firelighters – add the eco logs to an already lit source to ensure that they’ll catch light in a shorter space of time. Extra tip: You can break the Nestro briquette up to assist with generating the heat source quickly and then adding more fuel after.  



When you’re looking for value, you can’t go wrong with the RUF briquette. RUF blocks, humble in their appearance, are the most user-friendly choice out there as they’re so easy to break and light. These are an affordable option to suit all wood burning needs and all budgets. We recommend this choice for smaller homes, holiday cottages and log cabins which might have smaller stoves, as the RUF briquettes are the perfect size, and their stackable shape means they will fit into any storage space. This option will certainly see you through your week away in the woods. 

Keen to see how our briquettes stack up side by side? Watch our briquette comparison guide comparing the briquettes burning side by side.

If you’re using briquettes for the first time, order a Briquette Selection Pack from our express page to experiment with each type. The bundle is completed with the addition of natural firelighters and kiln dried kindling from the Ecoblaze range. Find everything you need in one place, while saving 15%. Order before 7pm for same day dispatch and next day parcel delivery by courier. 

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