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Briquette Comparison Guide

There is something magical about staring into the flames of a proper log fire. From antiquity to the present day wood fires have kept us warm and with modern firewood processing methods firewood can keep us warm more efficiently and with less fuss than ever before. Choosing the right firewood can be a daunting task so we've compiled a useful store of information below to make that decision as easy as possible!

EcoBlaze Pini-KayEcoBlaze NestroEcoBlaze RUF
Type Pini-KayNestroRUF
Energy Density 5417 Kwh/tonne5278Kwh/tonne5000 Kwh/tonne
Ash Residue 1.0%0.6%1.0%
Density 1.2 tonne/m31.1 tonne /m31.0 tonne/m3
Pack Size 10kg10kg10kg
Moisture Content 7%8%12%
Briquettes/Pack 12512
Shape of Briquette OctagonalCylinderFire Blocks
Diameter 6.5 cm9.0cm6.5 cm
Height x Depth
Length 26 cm25.5cms15 cm
Burn Duration UltimateVery longModerate
Expansion NoneModerateModerate
Handling Minor residueVery cleanLittle Flaky