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New Briquette Range

New Briquette Range

White Horse is excited to inform we have a brand new range of high performance, super-efficient & long lasting Briquettes available now.

Our new Briquette range adorns the new Woodsure Ready to Burn accreditation allowing our customers to at a glance know that our Briquettes are of a high quality & use dry under 20% moisture.

We’re thrilled to be providing a range that we feel will suit everyone’s burning needs & habits. This year you’ll have the ability to use our Add On feature enabling you to add flexible quantities of all of our Briquettes which will arrive on top of your Firewood order.

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What is Ready to Burn???

What is Ready to Burn???

White Horse Energy is one of the earliest adopters of the Ready To Burn initiative, with the logo adorning all of our Kiln Dried Firewood options.

The scheme provides tremendous visibility for customers allowing you to know at the glance that the Firewood you’re purchasing is below 20% moisture content & ensures you’re buying quality that meets the required specification for your stove or wood burner. The Ready to burn scheme is backed by HETAS & DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs), 

Why should you buy Kiln Dried / Ready to Burn Firewood.

+Produce more energy / heat than wet logs - saving you time and money

+Better for your flue & stove

+Omit sufficiently less particulates

+Suitable for use in smoke control areas 

Use this link for more information about the Woodsure Ready To Burn scheme

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Firewood Crate Rename

Firewood Crate Rename

At White Horse Energy, we’ve realised that there is the potential for a lot of confusion when our customers are trying to compare crates of wood from different suppliers…

If you try and look at crate proportions, you’ll start trying to compare dimensions, internal or external volumes, stacked or loose volumes and very quickly get confused. Similarly, comparing weight is a no-no (wet wood is heavier), as is a number of logs.

The one clear message that has come out of this exercise however, is that majority of our competitor’s crates are consistently smaller than the White Horse Energy!

For that reason we have therefore decided to rename our crates to reflect this position, with our half crates now called Large crates, and our full will change to a Giant crate.

Whatever you call it, the Giant crate has a whopping 2.63m3 loose volume, & we believe Giant Crate is the largest volume of firewood that can be safely delivered in the UK, with prices starting from as little as £205, it’s also the most economical way to purchase large volumes of high quality kiln dried wood.

Don’t delay, buy a Giant crate today!!

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Cirencester College Apprenticeship

Cirencester College Apprenticeship

For the past two weeks, Matthew Lecras of Cirencester College has completed an internship within our business.  Whilst we have provided Matthew with some work experience and hands on knowledge and understanding of how a SME operates, he has responded with energy, enthusiasm and a good work ethic.  We'd recommend all businesses out there to develop links with your local community and actively bring in students for internship - you'll be surprised by how much they can contribute, and might even be a future employee in the making!


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