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Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

Kiln Dried Birch Giant Crate
Certification:<20% MC

Giant Crate

1.55m x 1.1m x 1.08m
£91.44 / m3
Loose Vol.:2.57m3
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Our Kiln Dried Birch Giant has a colossal 2.63m3 volume of firewood making it the largest crate that can be safely delivered in the UK. The Birch Giant Crate is hand stacked & crated full of our premium Birch logs. Birch firewood is prized for its bright burning, easy lighting and great fragrance. The Scandinavians are so obsessed with birch firewood that they more or less refuse to burn anything else in their fires! We are really excited about this product this season - a far superior product to the Alder firewood it is replacing, we've managed to keep the price at an inappropriately low level. 

Dried to an average moisture content of less than 22% these logs are split and cut to 25cm lengths and should fit in the vast majority of wood burning appliances. On dispatch we wrap your crate with a thin plastic sheet to make sure that they get to you as dry as they left us. Please note that you really do want to store your logs somewhere out of the rain – there’s nothing so heart-breaking than seeing beautifully dry logs being subjected to the English winter drizzle.

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