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EU Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

Kiln Dried Birch is a new product for White Horse Energy this Autumn. Birch firewood is prized for its bright burning, easy lighting and great fragrance. The Scandinavians are so obsessed with birch that they more or less refuse to burn anything else in their fires! We are really excited about this product this season - a far superior product to the Alder firewood it is replacing, we've managed to keep the price at an inappropriately low level. 

Dried to an average moisture content of less than 22% these logs are split and cut to 25cm lengths and should fit in the vast majority of wood burning appliances. On dispatch we wrap your crate with a thin plastic sheet to make sure that they get to you as dry as they left us. Please note that you really do want to store your logs somewhere out of the rain – there’s nothing so heart-breaking than seeing beautifully dry logs being subjected to the English winter drizzle.
We produce two size of crates, a ‘Full’ and a ‘Half. Please be aware that the full crates are very large, and unless you have an ideal delivery location we recommend ordering a half crate and discussing the possibility of taking a ‘Full’ crate with the driver who delivers your order – he (or she) will have the experience to guide you as to what is most practical for your location.
Firewood Specifications
  Full Crate Half Crate
Dimensions External Internal External Internal
Height 1.6m (5’3”) 1.5m (4’11”) 0.84m (2’9”) 0.74m (2’5”)
Width 1.08m (3’6.5”) 1.04m (3’5”) 1.08m (3’6.5”) 1.04m (3’5”)
Length 1.1m (3’7”) 1.06m (3’6”) 1.1m (3’7”) 1.06m (3’6”)
Volume Stacked 1.65m3 Stacked 0.8m3
  Loose 2.8m3 Loose 1.36m3
Log Length 25cm (+/- 2cm) / 9.8” (+/- 1”)
Log Diameter 80% with max diameter between 60mm and 150mm
Moisture Content An average moisture content for each crate of under 22%#
Please note that firewood by its very nature is an imprecise product. We do everything we can to ensure our product meets and exceeds the above specification, nevertheless a tolerance of 5% should be applied to all of the specifications indicated above.
See our FAQ’s for the best method of working out the average MC of your crate.

White Horse Energy is committed to ensuring that our firewood is sustainably sourced, dried and transported. All wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests – that means that the volume of timber grown each year is equal or greater than the volume of timber harvested. All kilns are fuelled on locally sourced biomass rather than oil or gas, and we carefully plan transport to limit the carbon impact of the transport used. 

  • Ships not Lorries!
    Our firewood travels to the UK by container utilising back load space on a commercial freighter. This means that we are utilising spare capacity on an existing ship route - it not only reduces costs, but makes the additional carbon impact of the sea journey negligible.
  • Minimal Road Transport
    Our EU log yard is a short distance from the port and generates a journey of less than 5 miles per crate on the EU leg. On arrival in the UK the containers are shipped direct to our centralised distribution hub which eliminates additional transport mileage – in fact the UK inbound leg is shorter than the 70% of most UK inbound pallet transport legs.

Important info RE: Full Crates
Full crates are VERY large. As a result they can only be delivered to ideal delivery locations - i.e. no inclines, lips from road to pavement etc. If in doubt order a half crate first and then try the full crate!

Full Crate
1.6m x 1.1m x 1.08m
In StockIn Stock
Quantity Required
£80.36 / m 3
Total price (including tax):

Half Crate
0.84m x 1.1m x 1.08m
In StockIn Stock
Loose Volume:1.35m 3
Quantity Required
£100 / m 3
Total price (including tax):


Product Reviews

Mark Mansey
Paul S
Excellent logs. Delivery slightly challenging due to restricted access, but well managed by helpful driver Jim.

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