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EU Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood

This mixed hardwood is comprised predominantly of good quality Alder with some other good burning varieties as well. It has been kiln dried to an average moisture content of <28%. The Alder will burn hotter and quicker than the Ash, however the calorific value will not be that different. This wood is ideal for appliances where you can adjust the airflow.

Ships not Lorries!
  • Our firewood travels to the UK by container utilising back load space on a commercial freighter. This means that we are utilising spare capacity on an existing ship route - it not only reduces costs, but makes the additional carbon impact of the sea journey negligible.
  • Minimal Road Transport
    Our EU log yard is a short distance from the port and generates a journey of less than 5 miles per crate on the EU leg. On arrival in the UK the containers are shipped direct to our centralised distribution hub which eliminates additional transport mileage – in fact the UK inbound leg is shorter than the 70% of most UK inbound pallet transport legs.

Important info RE: Full Crates
Full crates are VERY large. As a result they can only be delivered to ideal delivery locations - i.e. no inclines, lips from road to pavement etc. If in doubt order a half crate first and then try the full crate!

Full Crate
1.6m x 1.1m x 1.08m
In StockIn Stock
Quantity Required
£80.36 / m 3
Total price (including tax):

Half Crate
0.84m x 1.1m x 1.08m
Out of StockOut of Stock
Loose Volume:1.35m 3
Quantity Required
£100 / m 3
Total price (including tax):


Product Reviews

Ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday. Great service and WOW, great logs. Even in size, clean without any rubbish, tightly packed in the crate and, amazingly given the weather we have had over the last few weeks, they are dry!! Will definitely recommend White Horse and will be back for more. Thank you!
christopher earnshaw
after a few unsatisfactory loads from different local suppliers I decided to give White Horse a go

I bought a large crate of Europen hardwood. I ordered if Tues 3:30pm, it was on the drive weds 1:30pm. Crate is wrapped in plastic and survived a night on the drive in torrential rain still dry as a bone inside. The wood is tightly packed. Usually my log store takes 3 loose packed builders bags. It was full after unpacking just over 2/3 of the crate so the rest has gone in the greenhouse for now. The wood is also much more tightly packed as well. Axe is redundent as it is all a manageable size with some small pieces which filled what would have been gaps. Moisture content is 13%. The crate, when dealt with, will provide about 5 bags of kindling or could be made into a second wood store

My usual suppliers have been random sized, often needed further splitting and despite claims to be seasoned I think they are seasoning as trunks then splitting and shipping out with moisture content of 20-30%. Sometimes it's been a bugger to get the fire going and have never managed to run it with the vents closed and there has been a fair bit of creosote on the glass as well

with my new wood they lit instantly, got up to 450c in no time and was able to run with the vents closed. No soot, no creosote, lovely clean fire this morning and despite the logs being smaller then what I expected I used less last night than usual.

Very pleased
John Vocking
Excellent delivery service as usual. This mixed wood was bone dry and in smaller pieces than the crate of Ash we had before. It lights super easy and using some of the smaller pieces meant very little kindling required. It does burn very fast and hot, had my damper far lower than usual and still got a good steady burn.
Jim Underwood
We use these in a Pizza oven, and the heat they give off is perfect for getting the oven up to temperature fast!
Much better crate (last time it nearly fell over). Wood is very very dry and produces a lot of heat!
Jo Marins
Very fast delivery (ordered Tuesday 4pm, delivered Thursday am) and very good price. Logs look good too!

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